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Perfections of Africa is a leading tourism marketing company, filling the gap between the hospitality supplier and buyer, offering cost-effective yet result-based solutions.

Collectively we bring more than 30 years’ experience in tourism and marketing to the business, successfully introducing and positioning our clients in the local and international market place.

By constantly building and maintaining relationships between our clients, buyers and ourselves, we aim to create a sustainable business environment for our all our clients, thus contributing to the growth of the tourism industry in general.

Quality Guaranteed

Prior to joining our portfolio, all properties undergo a meticulous selection process that takes into account the location, service excellence, design, style, quality, amenities, service and experiences offered. Location is one of the main criteria for our selection process, as we can only fairly represent a product that is situated in known areas so that we can encourage prospective clients in various market sectors to use the property. We ensure that no properties are in direct competition with one another, but would rather complement each other.

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Perfections of Africa

Perfections of Africa has over the years established a portfolio of quality products in their niche markets ranging from safari lodges, guest houses, country lodges, hotels and beach resorts. We understand that when travelling it’s about the whole experience, so we work side by side with the properties in our portfolio to ensure that guests’ expectations are met. This includes offering guidance with regard to delivering on the physical appearance of the property, cuisine, facilities, activities, attitude and flexibility, which all make up the guest’s experience.